Last call for T-shirt orders!
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We will be taking orders for Furstivus t-shirts until Sunday, January 22. This is your LAST chance to get a Furstivus t-shirt.

See this entry for more info.

T-shirt orders
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Wanted a Furstivus t-shirt but missed your opportunity to grab one at the convention? You still have a chance to get one.

Email and include your name, mailing address and shirt size (up to 3XL) and we will get back to you with payment instructions (we can take PayPal or any Credit Card).

If you were a Sponsor at the convention but you did not get a shirt, you are still entitled to a free shirt. For everyone else, shirts cost $15 each + $5 shipping.

If you are a sponsor and you already left your information with us at the registration desk in order to receive your shirt, you should receive an email shortly to confirm your shipping info.

T-shirt art by the talented Kittrel:

Thank you!

Success! Furstivus numbers, shirts & lost and found
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We owe big steaming thanks to everyone who helped or simply came and enjoyed themselves for Furstivus. The con was a complete success thanks to you!

The final numbers:

Attendees: 238 (52 single days, 134 regular, 41 sponsors, 10 "Miracle" sponsors and, as of closing ceremonies, 1 "Big Cheese" sponsor)

The "I demand a recount!" fursuit parade: 45 fursuiters

Grand total raised for Child's Play Charity: $3,243 (more than $13 per person!)

Because the attendance was so much better than anticipated, we ran out of supplies. If you registered as a sponsor or super sponsor and you did not get a Furstivus t-shirt, please send us an email with your name, shirt size and mailing address and we'll ship one out to ya!

We also have a few items left in our Lost & Found, including clothing, gloves & a charger. If you lost something please send us an email with your info and if we have it we'll ship it back to you.

Finally, although there are no plans to continue Furstivus next New Year, we appreciate all the feedback we can get to help us with other cons. If you have any thoughts about how Furstivus ran and how it could have been improved, please don't hesitate to email us!

Happy new year, and have an awesome 2012 everybody!

Registration info
Online pre-registration will be closing at 8 PM Eastern on Thursday, December 29. Pre-registering can get you your badge faster when you pick it up. (Please note that there is no pre-paying online so you will still need to pay for your registration at the door.) Pre-register here.

Don’t forget! No matter how old you are you will need to bring some form of identification with your picture and date of birth that we can use to verify your age. We cannot let you into the convention if you don’t have an ID. If you don’t have an ID and cannot get one in time please contact us now and we will try to work something out.

If you will be under 18 during the convention you will need to be accomanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have them print, sign and notarize our parental consent form.

Happy Holidays from Furstivus :)
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To our friends and families, fuzzies and fuzzettes: Whether you celebrate Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, something else, a combination thereof or nothing at all, we hope you have the warmest, fuzziest and happiest holidays you can imagine. Please have a peaceful weekend, give lots of hugs, and rest well, so that you're awake, lively and ready to party hard at Furstivus next weekend. :)

Get any interesting holiday gifts? NO!? Gather your unwanted goods and bring 'em to the convention! The charity auction is counting on donations to help raise money for Child's Play, and that useless giant "Angry Birds" plush toy that your brother gave you really ought to go to someone who wants one. Everybody wins!

Hotel room rate expires TOMORROW
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Tomorrow, Friday December 23, is the LAST DAY to book your room at the convention rate of $89/night.

If you haven't booked your room yet for the con, now is the time! After tomorrow the hotel rate returns to $130/night.

Book now at:

For more hotel info:

Updates! Hotel rooms, schedule, charity
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Furstivus is just 10 days away! Yippee!

The special room rate of $89/night will be available until this Friday, December 23. After Friday if you haven't booked your room, you will need to either book at the regular hotel rate or find someone sharing room space.

Are you looking for room space or roommates for your own room? We encourage you to post on Twitter (use hashtag #Furstivus or @Furstivus!), shout on our FA page, or post to our LiveJournal group to find others looking too.

Our event schedule is now available! For the full schedule of events, click here.

Event descriptions will be published in the con book. If you would like more information before the convention about any scheduled events feel free to email us!

Please help our charity! We're raising money for Child's Play, and we need your support. You can contribute by donating items for our charity auction. Comic books, movies, plushies, artwork; if it's furry-related you can bet someone will donate money to win it. Email us if you have any questions about what you can bring!


Last call for Furstivus artwork, stories and dealers!
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Got some New Year’s or holiday themed furry art you’d like to share with all of Furstivus? Share it in the con book! We’re getting ready to print, so all art and story contributions must be submitted NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17th.

This is also the last call for any dealers who want a table in our Dealers Room. Please send us your info by Saturday, December 17th, and we’ll get you set up and ready.

For all submissions and inquiries please email

See you in a couple weeks!

The Airing of Grievances could star YOU!
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Perform an act at the @Furstivus Airing of Grievances! You could insult people, sing, dance, laugh, cry, juggle, make fart noises with your mouth, or all of the above. Dazzle us!

Got anything for our gaming rooms?
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Furstivus is coming equipped with a video game room and a tabletop game room, and we need your help filling these rooms up with awesome stuff!

Would you like to lend your equipment or games to the con for the weekend? How about running a tournament such as Rock Band?

Send an email over to with your offers.



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