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Happy Holidays from Furstivus :)
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skippyfox wrote in furstivus
To our friends and families, fuzzies and fuzzettes: Whether you celebrate Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, something else, a combination thereof or nothing at all, we hope you have the warmest, fuzziest and happiest holidays you can imagine. Please have a peaceful weekend, give lots of hugs, and rest well, so that you're awake, lively and ready to party hard at Furstivus next weekend. :)

Get any interesting holiday gifts? NO!? Gather your unwanted goods and bring 'em to the convention! The charity auction is counting on donations to help raise money for Child's Play, and that useless giant "Angry Birds" plush toy that your brother gave you really ought to go to someone who wants one. Everybody wins!


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