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Updates! Hotel rooms, schedule, charity
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skippyfox wrote in furstivus
Furstivus is just 10 days away! Yippee!

The special room rate of $89/night will be available until this Friday, December 23. After Friday if you haven't booked your room, you will need to either book at the regular hotel rate or find someone sharing room space.

Are you looking for room space or roommates for your own room? We encourage you to post on Twitter (use hashtag #Furstivus or @Furstivus!), shout on our FA page, or post to our LiveJournal group to find others looking too.

Our event schedule is now available! For the full schedule of events, click here.

Event descriptions will be published in the con book. If you would like more information before the convention about any scheduled events feel free to email us!

Please help our charity! We're raising money for Child's Play, and we need your support. You can contribute by donating items for our charity auction. Comic books, movies, plushies, artwork; if it's furry-related you can bet someone will donate money to win it. Email us if you have any questions about what you can bring!


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Number of registrations?

Can you say how many (pre-)registrations you've received?

Re: Number of registrations?

Well over 100 and still counting!

Why do they call the event "Furvistus". Has it the name been changed to protect the innocent?

Where do you see it? O_o

LOL...don't know how I missed that! Oh well, too late now XD

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