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Registration info
skippyfox wrote in furstivus
Online pre-registration will be closing at 8 PM Eastern on Thursday, December 29. Pre-registering can get you your badge faster when you pick it up. (Please note that there is no pre-paying online so you will still need to pay for your registration at the door.) Pre-register here.

Don’t forget! No matter how old you are you will need to bring some form of identification with your picture and date of birth that we can use to verify your age. We cannot let you into the convention if you don’t have an ID. If you don’t have an ID and cannot get one in time please contact us now and we will try to work something out.

If you will be under 18 during the convention you will need to be accomanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have them print, sign and notarize our parental consent form.


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