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Success! Furstivus numbers, shirts & lost and found
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skippyfox wrote in furstivus
We owe big steaming thanks to everyone who helped or simply came and enjoyed themselves for Furstivus. The con was a complete success thanks to you!

The final numbers:

Attendees: 238 (52 single days, 134 regular, 41 sponsors, 10 "Miracle" sponsors and, as of closing ceremonies, 1 "Big Cheese" sponsor)

The "I demand a recount!" fursuit parade: 45 fursuiters

Grand total raised for Child's Play Charity: $3,243 (more than $13 per person!)

Because the attendance was so much better than anticipated, we ran out of supplies. If you registered as a sponsor or super sponsor and you did not get a Furstivus t-shirt, please send us an email with your name, shirt size and mailing address and we'll ship one out to ya!

We also have a few items left in our Lost & Found, including clothing, gloves & a charger. If you lost something please send us an email with your info and if we have it we'll ship it back to you.

Finally, although there are no plans to continue Furstivus next New Year, we appreciate all the feedback we can get to help us with other cons. If you have any thoughts about how Furstivus ran and how it could have been improved, please don't hesitate to email us!

Happy new year, and have an awesome 2012 everybody!


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