Announcing our charity: Child's Play!
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We at Furstivus are thrilled to announce that we are raising money for one of our favorite charity organizations: Child's Play.

Learn all about the organization and how you can help on our charity page!

The room block is fixed!
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Online reservations for the Furstivus room block are now working again!

For all hotel information head on over to our hotel page.

The convention hotel rate is $89/night, plus 15.2% tax. Book your room online or call 1-888-233-9527.
Book your room

This special convention rate will be available until Friday, December 23.

Important things you need to know before showing up
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Don't forget! No matter how old you are you will need to bring some form of identification with your picture and date of birth that we can use to verify your age. We cannot let you into the convention if you don't have an ID. If you don't have an ID and cannot get one in time please contact us now and we will try to work something out.

IMPORTANT: If you will be under 18 years of age on December 30, 2011, you are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or to bring with you a copy of our Minor Consent Form signed and notarized by a parent or guardian.

You may download and print our Minor Consent Form here.

For any questions regarding registration please email us.

We're one month out!
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Furstivus just one month away, but we’re not even to the halfway point of the con’s unusually short gestation period. And to say “Things are shaping up nicely” is an understatement: Things are shaping up amazingly!

Our Dealers room is filling up with eager artists and sellers to bring you a unique and interesting shopping experience. The Dealers room will be open all three days of the con, so you’ll have the chance to visit every table and get that custom badge you always wanted. Why not cash in that savings bond Aunt Edna gave you for Christmas and get two!

Friday, our “Festivus” celebration, will be filled with Festivus traditions. Dealers and Furstivus Miracle sponsors will be treated to a Festivus Dinner, followed by the Airing of Grievances – an open mike event (got any silly or cool ideas and want to perform a song or an act for the Airing of Grievances? Let us know!). And what Furstivus would be complete without the Fursuit Feats Of Strength?

In addition to a heaping number of meet & greets, how-tos and furry discussion panels, we’ll be running games like Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, a Poker Tournament, Improv games and even a Nertz Tournament.

The “Furry 4 Life” sponsor suite will be a hot spot for sponsors and miracle sponsors to grab some real food, relax and shoot the breeze.

We’ve got music lined up every night, including bands Look Left and Calamity Menagerie, and rocking the night away with dances each night. On Saturday, we’re holding a New Year’s Eve dinner for all attendees and that night we’ll be pausing the dances for a toast and the countdown to the new year.

Fursuiters should look forward to a very unique set of fursuit games, and a dedicated event to Fursuit Charades. We’ll have our Festivus pole out for the photo shoot, too.

Dozens upon dozens of volunteers have come forth offering their help in all different parts of the convention. We’d be thrilled to have your help too! Have time, art or content you would like to contribute? Click here to find out how you can help!

Happy December!

Problems booking?
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If you have any problems booking a room online or over the phone send an email to us at and we'll help get things sorted out for you.

Frighteningly enough it appears we've managed to fill our room block for Friday night. We're working as quickly as possible to open up more rooms. Sorry for the trouble!

Hotel booking is up now, and online reg tonight!
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You can book your hotel room now! Go here for details:

Don't forget that pre-registration opens in just 2 1/2 hours. (9 pm EST)

The first 5 people to register will be upgraded to Sponsor Level membership! :3

Feel free to join #Furstivus on Furnet IRC to join the celebration as we kick off registration :P

Room share?
Hi. So psyched for this new con and wondering if anyone wants to share a room!

Contact stuff:

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Follow this journal for updates regarding Furstivus, a furry convention in Philadelphia, PA running from Dec 30, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have here, or room/ride share requests.

Be sure also to follow @Furstivus on Twitter and Furstivus on FA.


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